Friday, August 4, 2017

The Coronation

After I posted my findings on the Coronation and how it relates to the Bible I found this great description of the Coronation Ceremony. I will be writing soon in greater detail what this all means in the history of the world. We will see how amazing Yahweh truly is and how He is fulfilling His Word.


The coronation ceremony of the kings and queens of Great Britain goes back to the year 732 A.D.

The similarities between today's ceremony and that of the kings of the house of David are amazing.

Entry of the king into the abbey
The king is received at the door of Westminster Abbey by political and ecclesiastical dignitaries and is then led inside. The choir sings Psalm 122 - written by King David.

Presentation of the king
The Archbishop of Canterbury presents the new king to the people. He is announced to the four corners of the world. With each announcement, the people give their consent with the exclamation   "God save the king!"

The people of Israel shouted the same words for Saul, their first King (1.SAM 10:24).

Anointing with oil
While the king is seated on the coronation seat the Archbishop recites the following prayer:

"O Lord, Holy Father, Who by anointing with oil didst of old make and consecrate Kings, Priests and Prophets to teach and govern Thy people Israel: Bless and sanctify thy chosen servant   (Name), who by our office and ministry is now to be anointed with this oil, and consecrated King of

this Realm. Strengthen him, O Lord, with the Holy Ghost the Comforter; Confirm and stablish him

with thy free and princely Spirit, the Spirit of Wisdom and Government; the Spirit of Counsel and

Ghostly Strength; the Spirit of Knowledge and true Godliness, and fill him, O Lord, with the Spirit of thy Holy Fear, now and for ever. Amen."

At that moment, the choir begins to sing the hymn "Zadok the priest" by Handel. The hymn talks about Solomon being anointed king by the priest Zadok in 969 B.C. (1.KIN 1:34,35,39).

Handing over of the royal insignia

The king is girded with two swords: the sharp sword of spiritual righteousness and the blunt sword of mercy (compare with ZECH 7:9).

This insignia goes back to King Saul (see 2.SAM 1:10). It shows the king to be the military head.

When the orb is handed over, the Archbishop points out to the king

that Jesus Christ is the actual ruler of this world, the King of kings

and the Lord of Lords. Those who do neither obtain His authority,

nor keep His commandments, will not be able to rule with a joyful


The Robe:
The king receives a priestly garment just like the high priest Aaron

did in Exodus 28:4. This shows his role as head of the church.

Coronation Ring:
The ring signifies the unity between the king and his people; his

"marriage" to the nation (see JER 3:14). In old times, the ring was a

symbol for power and honour (GEN 41:42; LUKE 15:22).

Two Sceptres:
The two sceptres go back to the time of the exodus of the people of

Israel from Egypt. At that time, God chose Moses and Aaron to be the leaders. The

sceptre with the cross represents royal power. It corresponds to the rod of Moses

which was a symbol of the power God had given him (EX 14:15,16).

The sceptre with the dove (= Holy Spirit) symbolises righteousness and mercy. We

repeatedly read in Exodus and Numbers that Aaron had a rod when exercising his office

as high priest.

With the death of Jesus (MATT 27:51) the giving of sacrifices and the laws about

sacrifices were rendered invalid (COL 2:14). However, the national laws that contained

the commandments, statutes and legal ordinances (DEUT 4:1; 5:31; 7:11; LEV 26:46)

remained and still apply today (MATT 5:17; DAN 9:25).

Jesus Christ will take up the throne of David on His return. He will hold both the

sceptres as King and High Priest and will rule over all the nations of the earth.

At the end of the handing over Psalm 45:6-7 is quoted.

The king, sitting on the coronation seat, receives the crown. The

crown has a cross to symbolise that Jesus Christ is the actual

king and ruler. Twelve big precious stones are set in the bottom

rim of the crown. Their number and their colour is of great

importance; they are identical to those worn by the high priests

of Israel (EX 28:15-21; ZECH 9:16-17).

Presentation of the Bible
The king is handed a Bible covered in scarlet velvet with the following words:

"Our gracious King: to keep your Majesty ever mindful of the Law and the Gospel of God as the

rule for the whole life and government of Christian princes, we present you with this book, the most

valuable thing that this world affords. Here is Wisdom: This is the royal Law: These are the lively

Oracles of God."

It was already announced to Moses that the kings of Israel should receive the words and statutes

of God at their coronation (DEUT 17:14-19). Immediately after that the choir sings Psalm 21:1-3.

Confirmation of the king by the people
At the end of the coronation, everyone present gives their consent to the rightful election of the

king by exclaiming repeatedly and with a loud voice: "God save the king" (1.KIN 1:39-40). The

cheers are accompanied by the loud sound of the trumpets (2.KIN 11:14).

As we can see, the various events of the coronation ceremony have their foundation in the Bible.

God calls upon us to honour and respect the king or queen that He has set.