Friday, November 25, 2016


President Trump appears to have a friendly relationship with Vladimir Putin so I am reposting this article from about six months ago today. Mr. Putin is a Russian patriot. He loves his country and his goal is to "make Russia great again."

The fact is that Russia has never been conquered by any nation. It's land mass alone makes this impossible. A foreign enemy would never be able to subdue the entire country. Historically Russia has not interfered much in Europe's politics.

After World War Two the Communist regime lowered an iron curtain over many Eastern European countries. This was done for many reasons of which one was security. Russia has always wanted a buffer between themselves and Western Europe.

Historically, Russia does not start wars with Europe. There has been conflict, such as the Crimean War from 1853-1856 but Russia has historically pretty much been isolationist.

Since the end of WW2 Russia has ascended to become a powerful nation. They have always been suspicious and somewhat fearful of the West and their foreign policy has reflected this.

Arguably, I could say Russia and China refuse to become part of the Western Elitist New World Order. Russia and China have their own plans. They seek to dominate the world through trade and economics.

The Chinese are building the "new silk road" from Chongqing to the heart of Germany. Russia and their allies are all part of the plan. Trade is already being conducted outside the US dollar in Gold and local currencies.

The silk road requires infrastructure on a grand scale. China and Russia are assisting their partners in building this infrastructure which in turn benefits their partners economically.

The goal is to develop this trade with the European Union. In time the European Union will conduct the vast majority of their trade with this platform. There isn't much the United States can do about this. A great land mass is being connected and trade is going to dominate it. The U.S. is separated by two great oceans.

Our foreign policy has been to surround Russia and China with military bases in order to dominate them. The world is changing. America can no longer afford this military expense. America must join in or become isolated economically on the world stage.

These political and economic events are leading towards the eventual Middle East conflict and the return of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem as written in the Bible. We are witnessing prophecy being fulfilled.

In light of this the following posting gives us some insight into Mr. Putin: 

Vladimir Putin has been described as a ruthless bully, and to some degree that is true, but there is much more to this man than the west wishes to believe. Mr. Putin is a shrewd ex-KGB operative who has a vision for his country. The Bible says: Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keeps the law, happy is he (Proverbs 29.18).

Interestingly enough, this proverb applies to Putin in every sense. He has a long range vision for his country and believes in keeping the law as it applies to Russia and international politics. He has been the President of Russia since 7 May 2012. He previously served as President from 2000 to 2008, and as Prime Mister of Russia from 1999 to 2000 and again from 2008 to 2012. During his last term as Prime Minister, he was also the Chairman of United Russia , the ruling party.

He moved to Moscow, from St. Petersburg, where he was born, in 1996 and joined President Boris Yeltsin 's administration where he rose quickly, becoming Acting President on 31 December 1999 when Yeltsin resigned unexpectedly. Putin won the subsequent 2000 presidential election and was re-elected in 2004.

He has never been pleased with the fall of the Soviet Empire and dreams of restoring Russian’s former glory on the world stage. He has been planning for many years to make Russia a major world player through the use of her natural resources.

Russia is blessed with a wealth of oil, natural gas, LNG (Liquid Natural Gas), coal, and uranium. In the communist days these natural resources were totally mismanaged by the ruling Communists. Putin has always believed that the key to Russian Empire is to develop the natural resources that the world hungers for. Since taking power in Russia Putin has been focused on this very thing. All of his energy has been devoted to developing Russia’s energy, no pun intended.

Mr. Putin was born in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) in 1952. His hero when growing up was Peter the Great who began to take Russia into the modern world during the latter part of the 1600’s and early 1700’s. He grew up poor but through his grandfather, Spiridon Ivanovich Putin, he had contact with the Russian elites of the day.

His grandfather was trained as a chef and cooked for Rasputin, Lenin, and Stalin! He managed to avoid political contamination and outlived all his famous employers. Until his death, when Putin was 13 years old, he shared many insights with his grandson Vladimir.

Around the age of 12, while his grandfather was still alive, Putin started boxing and then moved on to judo, karate, and the Soviet martial art sambo. He would go on to become the citywide sambo champion. He loved the spiritual and physical demands these martial arts demanded of him. They also taught him be smart, cunning , and, above all, tightly disciplined.

In the ninth grade Putin actually went to the KGB to find out how to get a job with them. They told him he should go to law school which he did. When he graduated law school in 1975 the KGB recruited him. For the next 16 years he worked as an intelligence agent, was fluent in German, and was stationed in East Germany for five years in the 1980’s.

He resigned from the KGB in 1991 and returned to the Leningrad State University where he wrote his doctoral thesis on Russia’s economic resources being a key to Russian success and empire. After college, Putin entered politics in St. Petersburg, where he fostered a relationship with Dmitry Medvedev.

Later, after entering politics, Boris Yeltsin would name Putin as his successor after Putin put down the rebellion in Chechnya. To make a long story short, Putin was first elected President in 2000 and has shared this position with Dmitry Medvedev since then.

During Putin’s rule of Russia he has seized control of Russian energy companies which had been privatized during Yeltsin’s time in power. He has accomplished this by working “legally” through Russian law and by disposing the rich Oligarch’s who had bought these companies at pennies to the dollar when the Soviet Union fell in 1998.

These companies are now partly owned by government and share holders. Putin has taken control and they are now not only profitable, but developing Russia’s natural resources at a fast pace. Russia supplies anywhere form 25% to 90% of many European nation’s gas and oil needs. Europe depends on Russian oil and gas to stay warm in winter. Putin can shut off the tap at any provocation. Think about how this affects American influence in the region!

Russia recently closed two 400 billion dollar energy deals with the Chinese. They trade with Iran, Turkey, India, Pakistan, and all the other “stans” in their geopolitical area. They are the energy power in Europe and Eurasia. Putin knows how to use this energy power to Russia’s advantage.

He also supplies Syria and other Muslim countries with oil and gas. He has made a deal with Israel to develop the gigantic gas deposits off the coast of Israel. Russian energy tentacles have hold on countries throughout the Mediterranean to Japan. They are truly becoming a powerful and wealthy nation through this industry.

As I’ve pointed out in previous postings a new world currency is on the horizon. Russian energy is being sold and traded in currencies other than the US dollar as I write. Putin’s plan is to use the Russian Ruble, gold, the Chinese Yuan, or any other national currency to conduct trade--to the exclusion of the US dollar.

Those countries that trade with Russia will be pleased to trade in their own currencies as it will be cheaper and easier for them to conduct trade without having to stock pile dollars. This is how the dollar is going to be dethroned from being the world’s reserve currency. This is Putin’s long range carefully planned strategy. This will have a huge affect on America’s ability to finance her debt.

In the United States politicians only worry about getting elected every four years by promising the voters hand outs. In Russia they have a long range goal to become the world’s premier supplier of gas, oil, coal, and uranium. This will give them great leverage over the countries that depend on them for these resources. You can see where this is leading.

This is going to have a great impact on events in the Middle East that concern Biblical prophecy. Russia is going to be a major player in end time events that include Islam, Europe, and Israel. Keep this in mind as we continue this series.

For further insights:

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Next: China's Vision of the New World Order


Thursday, November 24, 2016



The goal of this blog is to seek to understand and analyze world events from a Biblical World View or understanding. In order to do this we also need to have a deeper understanding of the Bible. My approach is this: The Bible was given to the Jewish people, Jewish people wrote it, and Yeshua was Jewish. Therefore, the Bible should be understood from a Jewish perspective.

Once I began to approach the Bible with this understanding the scriptures began to open up in a fresh way. I began to see and understand the parables of Yeshua from a Hebrew perspective. I realized that the entire Bible is written in a different time/calendar than the time and calendar we observe.

We observe time on the Roman calendar, but the Bible is written in the time of God’s calendar as expressed in Genesis 1 and Leviticus 23. The Bible observes the time of a day from sunset to sunset. The Roman calendar day begins at midnight. This is a six hour difference. Once I saw this the end times began to make more sense to me.

Daniel 7.25 hit me like a bolt of lightning! And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

I realized that the spirit of antichrist (1 John 2.18-20) had already changed the times and laws. The time of the Bible had been changed along with the calendar and feast days we are commanded to observe. We, as Christians, observe the Roman secular and holy calendar. The realization began to dawn on me—we are not observing the Biblical calendar.

What made this so real to me was that God had impressed upon me to study His calendar when I began to study in earnest. I knew that meant the “Jewish” calendar and I remember saying, “Lord, that is way too complicated, I can’t do that.”

I resisted for two weeks before finally giving in. It was a long process of study. I began with seeking Jewish web sites and learning about their calendar. I went to Israel and saw for myself how the nation kept time—sure enough sunset to sunset. I began to understand the Bible in a fresh way as I began to understand what it meant when it said Jesus was crucified at the third hour. I saw that He was crucified on Wednesday afternoon/evening, not Good Friday. On and on, I learned and saw things in a totally different light.

All of these things are written on this blog. I pray it has been helpful to all who visit here. It is difficult to share all of these things with my brothers in “church” because many are too comfortable to seek out the truth.

I began to write this blog because I had a desire to share what I was learning about end time events. I read many different articles every day in newspapers from around the world. I visit conspiracy sites, economic sites, prophetic sites and I sift through all the information. I spend time waiting on the Lord and seeking His word to confirm what I believe I am seeing. I asked to understand the times and what to do (1 Chronicles 12.32).

The Old Testament pattern of the Israelites rebelling and turning from God to idols contains many warnings to us today. I take this stuff seriously. The job of a prophet or a watchman on the wall is to warn. I have been directed by the Lord to be a watchman and warn.

I pray every day that God holds off the chastisement of America. I pray for His mercy upon our country. I pray we, as a nation, turn back to God and he holds off our chastisement. I pray Donald Trump will be used to hold off many of the things I see coming. He could accelerate rather than hold off. A lot depends on our prayers and obedience. We are living in momentous times and many serious changes are coming.

The powers behind the scenes could create the monetary collapse as a way to thwart Trump and blame him for the collapse. They are already positioning themselves by manipulating the stock and gold markets to their favor. I pray this does not happen but 2017 is going to be a very dangerous year.

Europe and the United States are in debt that can never be repaid. At some point there will be a monetary reset and new currencies will ascend. The United States may become very isolated at this time as I said in the November 18th posting.

I am writing this to tell you I will continue to post the thoughts that I receive from the Lord on all these issues. I am not having dreams or visions. I am waiting, praying, and studying the secular and Biblical positions on these matters and sharing in a balanced way what I am seeing.

Many things must still develop on the world scene. Jesus is coming soon, but soon in our time can be awhile. Many Biblical prophecies concerning Israel and Jerusalem must still come to pass before His return. Let’s watch and pray as things develop in the Middle East and around the world.

The antichrist system will be ushered in amid turmoil and chaos. Many more events must take place according to the scriptures. Be alert.

I hope this will be helpful and please leave any comments you wish. Just keep it polite please. We live in a very exciting and interesting time.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Things are not always as they seem. Are the elites really this powerful? The link below is an article I think must be taken seriously. Trump struck a nerve in half of America and his election was a victory for the anti-Globalists among us.

The following article touches on some things I have been thinking about. Especially the part about the economy collapsing and Trump being blamed. I approach all that is happening from a Biblical World view. Such a view recognizes that the "spirit of antichrist" is moving the world towards the second coming of Yeshua, the Messiah.

It is a fairly long article but read with the end times in mind. There are many things here to consider:

Sunday, November 20, 2016



Seldom do we take a moment to ponder the lawlessness in our lives, the church, and the world. In the church the favorite saying is, “We’re not under the Law.” Does that mean we are lawless? That is the most preposterous statement ever. What did Jesus say?

For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven. Matt 5.17-20

What? Did I read that correctly? We’re supposed to teach the law? We’re supposed to do it? But we’re not under the law!

This is so important to understand. We are saved by grace and Jesus died for our sins. Sin is transgression of the law (1 John 3.2). Jesus died for us because we were lawless. If he died for us because we were lawless and living in sin--does that mean we can do whatever we want? Of course not—but you might not know that looking around at your fellow saints.

The most common sin in the church is couples living together out of wedlock. I’ve never heard a pastor speak to a congregation on that issue. These are nice people living together. They think they are living a good Christian life. It would be safe to say most of us have done this at one time in our lives. I am not being judgmental. I am pointing out something.

We are not taught the law in church. How can you live a righteous life if you don’t know what righteousness is? When we understand the law and walk accordingly we begin to exhibit the fruits of the spirit. The law is our code of conduct. Our righteousness should exceed that of the scribes and Pharisees.

When I joined the military we spent days studying the military code of conduct. We were supposed to conduct ourselves in a certain way that would bring honor to our unit. Isn’t it the same way in church? I’ve had Christians tell me I have to accept them the way they are. It’s OK if they want to live together or do this or that. I am just supposed to love them. What a crock!

Our churches are giving in to human secularism. They accept abortion, gay life styles and teachers, illegal immigration, and many other “lawless” activities. The Bible gives specific instruction on all these issues.

Abortion is murdering an innocent life that cannot defend itself. The Bible says God knew us in the womb (Jeremiah 1.5) before we were born. In the O.T. the pagans, and later Israel, sacrificed their children to Molech. Abortion is not any different. Abortion is a form of idolatry. Sacrificing the life of an innocent to the idol of our bodies, career, or convenience. “It’s my body, I’ll will do what I want.”

The Torah, the law of the Bible, says that a man and a woman constitutes a marriage. We are commanded to reproduce ourselves in God’s image. We are to reproduce family—God is a family and he wants us to recreate in His image. We are recreating family in His image of family.

A gay couple is incapable of doing that. They cannot reproduce in God’s image. Do we hate gays? No. Should their civil rights be respected? Yes. What we shouldn’t do is change God’s law to accommodate them. The Torah is clear about the issue. God has established that a child needs a mother and a father in order to reproduce His image. A child needs a mother and a father.

I’ve had gay friends. I have no problem with working on a job with them or speaking with them. Unfortunately they are disobeying the Torah. I am not the judge. I give proper civil respect…but the law is the law. We have changed God’s law and now we have transgender and bathroom issues. What is next? Will child molestation be OK? There are many hidden agendas within this issue. God’s family is under attack. The hidden agenda's within are going to continue to emerge.

The gay agenda is being force fed to us by Hollywood, the media, and the human secularists. It seems it is not OK for me to express a contrary opinion. Don’t I have that right? I wish to harm no one—but I prefer to obey God’s law. Seems all of us who do so in the future will become criminals. We will have to decide.

Boundaries/Borders - The Torah says that God has established borders. Deuteronomy 32.7-10. The Lord established borders and those borders are established according to the number of the children of Israel (Jacob) when they left Egypt (Exodus 1.1-6).

Look at a map of the world. It is almost impossible to find the nation of Israel it is so small. Look at the land area of the nation’s surrounding Israel and throughout the rest of the world. God gave that tiny portion to Israel and set the rest of the nation’s boundaries according to Israel’s small population. What does the world want to do? They want to divide Israel into smaller portions. Her neighbors want to destroy her completely.

God has given the nations large boundaries and the nations want to divide and destroy that small country. Do you think God might be a little angry?

Deuteronomy 19.14 tells us that we should respect our neighbor’s border. We are not to move the boundary markers. God has established boundaries. God divided the nations. Boundaries are of God. Nations have boundaries and have rules concerning the crossing of those borders.

Immigration - Those who attached themselves to Israel became a part of Israel (Lev 17.7-14). The strangers among them came in to become a part of Israel. They choose Israel’s God as their God. They accepted Israel’s laws as their laws. They did not immigrate to Israel in order to destroy her. They became part of Israel. Is there something wrong with the way we are dealing with immigration in our nation?

God commands us to love the stranger (Deut 10.18-20) and assist them—but they are required to love us and obey our laws (Exodus 12.48-49). It is a two way street. Obey the laws of the land or pay the penalty. What has happened to us? Well, “we’re not under the law.” We see where that attitude has gotten us!

God’s law is specific and clear. When we abide by it we are blessed. When we disobey we become cursed. See Deut 28 and Leviticus 26. It is really simple—but are we ever taught any of this in church?

America is confused. Common sense has disappeared. We have become fools. We think we know better than the Almighty. We disrespect God’s Torah and commandments. God is not the author of confusion—disobeying His law breeds confusion. We have lost our way. There are no rules and no losers--that's what we are teaching our children--and we have removed God and prayer from those classrooms.

The world is becoming a lawless place. Jesus said the day is coming when they will persecute you for following the laws of God. That day is coming. The good news is that Yeshua is going to return, resurrect His people from the dead, and establish His Kingdom and law in the earth (Isaiah 2.1-3). He will rule with a rod of iron—He will “lay down the law” and this world will finally live in His peace!

And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.


Friday, November 18, 2016



I’d like to share some things that I believe God has impressed upon my spirit and heart. About 7 years ago I began to earnestly seek the Lord for understanding of the end times. I was frustrated with trying to figure out the Book of Revelation, the beast, and the antichrist. I cried out and told Yahweh I was ready to hear from Him. I was ready to put aside everything I had formerly believed—if what He showed me made sense and could be proved using scripture.

The next six years would become an accelerated learning course for me. I was first instructed to travel to Israel to tour the land, study the history, and speak to the Jewish people I met along the way. When I got home I was then instructed to learn about “the feasts of the Lord” and “God’s Calendar.” When I say instructed, I had a strong sense in my spirit or a “voice” in my spirit impressing me to do these things.

If you have regularly visited this blog and searched the topics herein you will see the things that I was taught through various teachers, searching the web, reading books, fasting, praying, and above all seeking the scriptures for understanding and answers. Sometimes I’d ask a question and get the answer six months later in some way or through various scriptures.

I checked and rechecked everything. I studied history of the world and religions. I asked for confirmation. Sometimes it came through the word. Other times it came from a teaching I would hear or find. Then something else would confirm that. Sometimes I came to my own conclusion based on scripture. Later I would find other groups or ministries that had come to the same conclusions.

I was not seeking something “new” but rather, I was seeking truth. The true word of the scripture backed by written history. Those who are seeking something new often go off course. There is nothing new under the sun—I just wanted to know what the Bible really said. This blog is the fruit of that digging up of my fallow ground.

I am not a person who has many dreams. I can count on a couple fingers the dreams I felt were really from the Lord. I have never had a vision. By vision, I mean, a vision of something in front of me that was like a movie. I guess thats what a vision is. I don’t get that stuff. And I don’t really believe that God’s people “live” in that realm.

I believe God gives his people dreams and visions for direction and understanding—but to be having them all the time I am skeptical of that. It is way too easy to manipulate people by always saying you had a dream or vision from the Lord. So in that sense I am careful.

I asked the Lord to understand His written WORD and told Him that is what I would like to stand on—the rock of His WORD. Everything I believe the Lord has shown me is taught using scripture backed by written world history. Much of that history concerns the ancient world and some is much more current.

I posted a map on the wall of my “War Room” and asked God to teach me history—His-story. What I got was more than I could image—but it began to answer many questions that I never had satisfactory answers for. Again, this blog has some of that information.

I was led to study the world monetary system, the dollar, precious metals, history of Rome and the Roman Church, God’s Biblical Calendar and the time in which the Bible is written (that one open up my eyes to many things). And of course I read the Bible through twice and spent time in the books of the prophets learning the history of the Bible.

I wish I could be 100% correct on everything I have been shown—but alas, I am human just as you. I often err. So I try to look at my studies as ongoing and always correctible. We often learn other things as we go along that change our understanding of an issue. That is my approach.

When I speak on an issue I do not like to say, “The holy spirit told me.” That is too easy. I have to study and meditate on the word before the spirit speaks to me. For me it is that impression, gut feeling, voice, whatever you want to call it, but it always begins with scripture or something I read in the word to kick it off. So I don’t like to say, “The Lord told me” because it isn’t quite that easy or that way.

The prophets of old understood the times in which they lived and they were aware of the political situation of their day. Many of them had relations with the king and priests. Some had social status, some were sheep herders, but they knew what was going on in the world around them.

So, I said all that to say this in as few words as possible for this posting:

We live in a world in which powerful forces are operating. John the Apostle called it the “spirit of antichrist” and that it came out from us. 1 John 2.15-20. This is a powerful and enlightening statement. This spirit of antichrist has been operating for thousands of years. We will become involved in fierce spiritual warfare that is going to challenge us in ways we have not experienced in our lives up to now…and there will be much deception.

The New World Order is directed by the spirit of antichrist and is crushing the sovereignty of nations. The European Union is part of this spirit. One unit of money, no borders, destruction of individual customs and traditions, a coming together under a false apostate church.

It is all happening slowly before our eyes. It is forming. Europe is named after the goddess Europa whom Zeus seduced after he turned himself into a bull. She rode on his back into the ocean and they disappeared. Outside the European Parliament Building is a statue of a woman riding a beast. This is the symbol of Europe…hidden in plain sight.

Europe awards a prize to gifted politicians and elites called the Charlemagne Prize. It has been awarded annually since 1950 by the German city of Aachen to people who contributed to the ideals upon which it has been founded. It commemorates Charlemagne, ruler of the Frankish Empire and founder of what became the Holy Roman Empire, who resided and is buried at Aachen. Traditionally the award is given to the recipient on Ascension Day in a ceremony in the town hall of Aachen.

The Holy Roman Empire is being re-established in Europe. This empire will have much to do with the coming beast system and the establishment of the soon to be international city of Jerusalem. This union will have trade relations with the Russians and the Chinese—they already do—but it is going to accelerate in the coming years. Germany will be the lead nation and the Vatican will play a large part in it.

So, what is going to happen to the United States of America? I don’t have all the answers but I believe I can paint a large brush stroke picture for now.

The US dollar is going to collapse and no longer be the reserve currency of the world. A new world trade monetary system will be developed that is partially, if not wholly backed, by gold. America’s debt and printing of dollars is going to be one of the factors.

The Russians and Chinese have been hoarding gold for the last 10-15 years in preparation for this day. No longer will oil be purchased in US dollars. It will be purchased by the new world currency. Already the Chinese and Russians are trading in their own currencies with each other and Europe. They have also established a monetary clearing system for trade and credit cards outside the SWIFT system which is led by the U.S.

When this event takes place (at the same time Europe will experience financial collapse) the world as we currently know it will be gone forever. This event is coming, we just don’t know how quickly. It may be a major “event” that happens quickly or it may take a few years to play out.

Half of America is rebelling over the election of Donald Trump. How are they going to handle financial collapse? Who will they blame—why Donald Trump of course. I hope his coming administration could hold this off but that is only my hope. As long as America continues to fall away from the precepts of God’s laws as written in the Bible—this is going to happen. We, as a country, are exporting abortion, gay life style, and porn just to name a few things. These things are contrary to God’s law, the Torah. The world is lawless and America leads the way.

When the dollar crashes America may look for someone or some country to blame. This may cause a war. A war America could lose. War is always a good distraction. I hope we do not choose that path but it is very possible.

America has geography on her side. Two large oceans separate her from Europe and Asia. Thousands of miles of big blue ocean. America, in the past, her history, was to be isolationist. She did not get too involved in European wars unless she had to. She stayed to herself. World War 2 changed all that.

No matter how it comes down, war or financial collapse, America is going to be humbled by Almighty God and this is going to cause her to repent and return to God. We will become isolated financially and militarily from the action that is going to take place in Israel prior to the coming of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah.

This is going to be a good thing. America may become a “refuge Nation” from the New World Order. People may flee here to escape the things happening in Europe and the Middle East. Because we are separated by the oceans, militarily weakened, and financially crushed we may be somewhat ignored. This situation may actually be God’s mercy and protection for the nation.

This is going to be a difficult transformation for America and only by turning back to her godly roots will she survive and be included with the sheep nations at the end of the age. I sense in my spirit that this, or something like this, is awaiting America. It will play out in the coming years. God’s people will be going through the tribulation. How long? I can’t say but it is going to happen.

The mere fact that the nation of Israel exists tells us we are in the end times but how long this takes to play out will be many more years. Many Biblical prophecies must occur before Jesus returns. One thing to look for is the dividing of the city of Jerusalem.

This will happen through war or a United Nations decree—or both. Until that happens Jesus is not returning. After that happens it may still be some time until he returns. When the armies are at Armageddon and it looks like the end for Israel—then He will come. He comes once and that is the last day…the day of our resurrection from the dead (John 5).

The three Israelite nations are America, Britain, and the nation of Israel. God will not forsake His people—but he will require them to return to Him and repent for their sins. Most of us don’t truly repent until things are really bad—that’s how I came to salvation. So it will be with our nation if there is to be a “Great Awakening.”

Search the blog--all the scripture proofs are given. No matter what happens it is going to be a tough time for us. Now is our time of preparation.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

God is beginning to shake the foundation of the United States of America. The nation is severely divided and peaceful disagreement seems far from reality. Politics will not save America—only a repentant change of heart toward Yahweh can change our direction. Political solutions have not worked. We’ve had years of that. We have a divided nation that is becoming more intolerant of the other side each day that passes.
A few years ago the Lord began to teach and lead me into many truths that I had not seen in the past. I was excited as the Bible began to make sense to me for the first time in my 47 years of being a Christian. For the next six years I prayed, fasted, and sought the Lord diligently. He taught me to allow the Bible to interpret itself. He began to unlock the allegorical meaning of the scriptures. It was a crash course in the Bible and history. It made my heart spin.
He led me to teachers on the internet, I traveled to Israel, I studied the scriptures…sought confirmation of what I was seeing, sifted through opinions, re-read the scriptures, prayed some more, read commentary, and asked the Lord how to put it all together. After six years I realized the more He showed me, the less I knew.
I couldn’t wait to share with my fellow brothers and sisters. Was I in for a surprise! Most of them didn’t get it or didn’t agree with most of what I was being taught. Many didn’t really care. I challenged them to bring me their scriptures upholding their understanding—none of them did. They were too busy to study. In fairness, some did get what I was seeing, but they were few and far between.
After six years and a few periods of Bible study with small groups the Lord led me to prison ministry. I was told by the person at the prison, in charge of prison volunteers, that the prisoners only had an attention span of about one hour. Keep it simple. They won’t get it…we just want them to hear a salvation message.
I tried, but to me it was obvious they had been getting “a simple message” for quite some time and they hungered for more. The first time a prisoner asked about the end times we were off and running. I started with about 4 attendees each class and before long had 10-15 each night. We would go for two hours and the guard would tell us time is up!
They were hungry for the truth. I had studied 6 years and shared all I had learned with them. They wanted it all and more! The Lord had given me an audience. I am still going into the local prison and getting the same results. I was surprised how much “traditional learning” they already knew was false. Blew me away.
I tell you all this because God is working in the prison system and recruiting His end time army. These guys have all the time in the world to prepare and seek God. I’ve been granted the opportunity to share the gospel with them that is full of meat—not milk. They are going to be prepared. And they tell me of other teachers coming in and teaching similar things. The things I’m teaching are all here on this blog. Nothing hidden.
Violence is coming to the streets of America. God is preparing an army to bring peace to the hearts of the violent people who are lost and angry. America is a spoiled country and many of our youth have been spoiled and given anything they want.
No more trophies for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, place, oh no, everybody gets a trophy for participating. There are no losers. That training is now bearing fruit as they refuse to accept the results of the election.
In class bribe the kids with candy. No candy if you misbehave. Spell the words the way you think they sound…that’s it, it doesn’t matter. There is no discipline in class. Parents let the teacher discipline, well, not really, and if the kid does something wrong the parents take the kid’s side…poor Johnny!
Our kids are now reacting the way they have been taught. They are going to learn a bloody lesson. Believe me, my heart breaks to say that. Oh, America, return to your God, the God who brought you to this great and beautiful land. Return before you lose your country!
This army of God is going to have a tough time dealing with this mess. Is God dealing with you today on some difficult matter? Are you sick and tired of your co-worker, are you angry? Is your neighbor a pain in the….
You are under the chastising hand of the Almighty right now, right there. He is allowing this to happen to you to get you turned toward His way for you. He is allowing difficulties in your life to teach you overcoming skills.
Embrace the difficulty and ask Him to create His character in you. You are being prepared for the storm that is coming. You are in God’s boot camp. Basic training. Don’t try to escape. Embrace it and learn. I’m going through it and you are going through it…we are all going through it together and we are going to get bruised. We are going to get bloodied.
You want some ministry? You want to be the light of the world? Embrace it. This isn’t happy talk prophecy about new paradigms and wonderful things to come. This is going to be tough spiritual warfare. This is going to be lean on the Lord and your brother and persevere. This is going to be muddy and bloody! This is not going to be fun like church. This is going to be the ultimate reality show--for real!
You might get hurt! Yeshua broke my ankle. Yeah, I was so out of line He had to break my ankle to keep me from wandering—and it still took more years for me to get it and get it right. Does He have to break your ankle?
We are not tough enough or committed enough. That goes for me too. BUT…we are yielding to his chastisement because we know it is for good (See Hebrews 12.6-11 and Proverbs 3.11-12). WE are being changed into His image and prepared for the street wars that are coming.
The nations are raging (Psalm 2), people are angry and rebellious. Blessed are those who bring the good news of Yeshua, his resurrection from the dead, and His coming kingdom. Right here on earth, one thousand years, check it out in Revelation 20. The beast is rising and the Lord is raising up a standard to fill the gap.
Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. 2 Timothy 2.3


Tuesday, November 15, 2016



There are many opinions on what is going to happen now that Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States. If we look to Biblical prophecy we may be able to determine some outcomes.

We certainly can all agree that the nation is divided. Looking at the vote totals this is crystal clear—a virtual tie with Hillary Clinton receiving about 1% less popular votes. As Yeshua said, “A nation (kingdom) divided cannot stand.”

The Kingdom of Solomon was divided when his son Rehoboam received the kingship upon Solomon’s death. The northern tribes of Israel rebelled because Rehoboam was going to treat them harshly and tax them unfairly. The ten tribes of the north, Ephraim/Israel rallied around Jehoboam and separated from the southern kingdom of Judah (1 Kings 11 and 12).

The nation was divided and the tribes often fought each other in war (2 Kings 16.5-6). Judah, the Jews, fought against Israel and Syria. The Kingdom divided because Rehoboam was going to govern harshly. That was not all. Solomon had turned from the Lord and followed the pagan idols of his many wives (1 Kings 11.1-8). The nation was already falling away from the God of their fathers.

These scriptures are a shadow of the very thing that is taking place in the United States, Britain, and the current nation of Israel. We are turning from our God and his law towards human secularism and lawlessness. The three great Israelite nations are on the verge of chastisement.

The Lord God first chastised the northern kingdom through the nation of Assyria for turning towards idols. They had become pagan. They sacrificed their children to Molech (same as abortion in our time), they built groves to worship their idols in, and their sexual immorality increased. God sent Assyria to destroy the kingdom and the people were deported, most not ever to return (2 Kings 17.6-13; 24-25). This occurred around 720 BC.

About a hundred and forty years later the southern Kingdom of Judah was taken captive to Babylon (2 Kings 25) for 70 years at which time they were allowed to return to the land and rebuild their temple (Daniel 9.1-19).

The northern kingdom of Israel/Ephraim was scattered by Assyria and became mingled with the Gentile nations, never to return to the land again (Hosea 3.4-5; 5.1-11; 7.8-11).

The southern kingdom of Judah was taken captive by Babylon around 586 BC and returned to rebuild the temple and re-establish themselves in the land (Ezra and Nehemiah). They represent the Jewish people today and the current nation of Israel. Read Ezekiel 37.15-28 to see God’s plan to reunite his grafted in people with Judah.

The Old Testament Prophets speak to the nation warning them to return to God—but the nation splits, disobeys, and is chastised through pagan nations that surround them. This is the pattern.

If we are truly living in the end times then this is the pattern that is happening in the world today. The fact that there is a nation called Israel in the world today is proof we live at the end time of God’s regathering of His people. God is regathering His people for protection and chastisement.

The three great Israelite nations have lost their way. We have fallen into apostasy and towards human secularism and false worship. God is going to shake the nations and chastise His sinful people. Many today are praying, repenting, and seeking the Lord like never before. They are turning to their Hebraic foundations and beginning to understand what God is doing.

It really didn’t matter who was elected President of the United States—the country is still divided—and 50% of the people would be unhappy no matter the outcome. That is exactly what we are seeing.

The nations are heading for serious economic and social upheaval. The storm is approaching. America is going to be weakened—no matter who is in charge. Most of you do not want to hear this—but it is true.

God is moving sovereignly to establish His government on the earth. The road there is going to be “tribulation” and hardship for the world. New foreign powers are rising up and will be in control. The United States is going to become geographically, economically, and socially isolated on the world stage. God is going to chastise us for turning away. Great Britain and Israel will also join us.

This is all for our good. It is hard to believe and understand—but it is all for our good. I pray America becomes a refuge nation where people will come to escape the rising beast in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. God is preparing the world for the return of His Son Jesus Christ.

It is going to be a most difficult time. Now is the time to repent and get right with God. This can be a quiet time between you and Him. It is a time to examine ourselves and cry out for His mercy and guidance. It does not have to be dramatic in an emotional sense—but it is something He works out in us. I have been experiencing this for the past 7 years. I am becoming much more humble in God than ever before.

It is a painful process, but we must go through it. We are being prepared for momentous change. My prayer is that Donald Trump would be used to hold this off for several years. He may or may not—he might accelerate the process—I don’t know.

Our job is to watch, pray, and allow the Lord to deal with our ego and fleshly desires. He is preparing a bride that is spotless and clean. He is preparing a people who will bring glory to His name. He is preparing for His return—but first we must go through the fire.

Trump’s election has not pleased our European brothers. Their world is being shaken. The day is coming when they will turn against us. The Beast is rising.

The coming years are going to be exciting, difficult, and dangerous…but it is all preparation for the coming King!

Monday, November 14, 2016



When we begin to study the end times, the book of Revelation, and the second coming of Yeshua we begin to discover things we were never taught in school. In order to understand the end times we must have a solid historical background. The Bible and history are inseparable. History and traditions cloud our understanding of the Bible. Truth is difficult to discern without an understanding of things which have happened in the past and their meaning from a Biblical World View. The Bible and His-story are inseparable.

God establishes His time and calendar in the Bible. If we look at the Bible as the word of God then the time and calendar in the Bible is the calendar God desires His people to observe. Many would call the calendar of the Bible the “Jewish” calendar but in reality it is God’s time and calendar—and it is key to understanding the end times and coming deceptions. (Reference this blog for articles on time and calendar).

Today the western world observes the Gregorian calendar of the Roman Church. Most of the world conducts business on this calendar, however, individual countries and religions have their own calendar in which they observe their feast days. Christians, Jews, and Muslims each have their own calendars. Christians observe Sunday, Jews Saturday, and Muslims Friday as their Sabbaths.

When we allow the Bible to interpret itself and study history we will discover that God’s Sabbath is observed on Saturday the seventh day of the week. Nowhere in the Bible does it instruct us to worship on Sunday—that was a change made by the early Christians and officially by the Roman Empire under Emperor Constantine around 325 A.D.

The Apostle John wrote:  Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.”

This simple statement tells us that the “spirit” of antichrist has always been in the world. He tell us this is how we know it is the last time. This spirit came out from us! This statement is key in understanding the rising beast system. It opened up my eyes to Daniel 7.25:

“And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

Daniel is speaking here of that spirit of antichrist and the beast system that will arise. If we believe the time and calendar in the Bible are the true times God desires His people to observe, this statement is key to understanding.

If we are on the Roman calendar and observe the Roman feast days then the spirit of antichrist has already changed the times and laws of the Bible. Think about that. A Biblical World View is essential to understand what is happening in this world!

The French Republican calendar is a perfect example of what the antichrist beast system is going to impose on the world. I must admit that it was only recently that I even learned about the French Republican Calendar. I was never taught about this in school. I had no idea this happened. All I was ever taught about the French Revolution is that it was bloody and that it glorified reason—the Age of Reason.

During the French Revolution the French set aside Christianity and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—the God of the Bible:

“The world for the first time heard an assembly of men, born and educated in civilization, and assuming the right to govern one of the finest European nations, uplift their voice to deny the most solemn truth which man’s soul receives, and renounce unanimously the belief and worship of a Deity.” Sir Walter Scott, Life of Napoleon, Vol 1 Ch. 17.

On October 23, 1793, nine days after Queen Marie-Atoinette was executed, the Republican Calendar was decreed. This was a blatant attempt to de-Christianize France in keeping with the revolution’s stated goal of promoting Reason above religion. “Reason” was worshipped and religion was denounced as superstition. They were in effect, declaring war on the Roman calendar and Christianity.

The Republican calendar was designed after the ancient Egyptian solar calendar which worshipped the sun god. There were 12 months of 30 days each. The months were broken up into 10 day decades with the tenth day as the day of rest. The day of rest was not designed to worship God, but was merely a day of rest from labor.

At the end of the year a final five days were added to the calendar, six days in a leap year. These final days were named after various revolutionary principle: Celebration of Virtue, Genius, Labor, Opinion, Rewards, and Day of the Revolution. These last days rounded out the 365 day solar calendar.

The new calendar was promoted as “rational and scientific.” In 1791 the National Assembly ordered the Academy of Sciences to “rationalize” the current system of weights and measures. The new system it established is still in use today: the metric system.

The primary purpose of the calendar was to abolish God’s seven day week and Sabbath worship. Churches were forbidden to conduct any services on any day except for the 10th day of the three week calendar. Stores were to remain open on what was formerly Sunday.

The government even changed the clock. On October 5, 1793 “the day from midnight to midnight was divided into ten parts, each part into ten others, so on until the smallest measurable portion of duration.” This was called “decimal time.”

The hours of the day were divided into ten decimal hours of 100 decimal minutes each. Each minute contained 100 seconds, amounting to 100,000 seconds per day.

This calendar was immediately opposed by the Church and devout citizens of the republic. Interestingly, the workers of the nation rebelled against having one day off in ten, rather than the seven ordained by God.

To make a long story short, Napoleon began easing the enforcement of the new calendar in 1800, by easing the enforcement of the 10th day rest, allowing French citizens to rest on whatever days they wished. On September 9, 1805 he decreed that Sunday would once again be the official day of rest for France.

The Republican Calendar was finally abolished by Napoleon a little over 12 years after it was originally legislated. France returned to the Gregorian calendar on January 1, 1806. A truly amazing true story I was never taught in school!

Daniel 7.25 has already been instituted but there will be other changes coming sometime in the future. The spirit of antichrist is alive and at work in our world. The Gregorian calendar is not God’s calendar. God’s calendar, time, and feasts are outlined in the Word.

Jesus said he would be coming like a thief in the night. How can we have any idea of His coming if we are observing a false calendar? The Biblical day is sunset to sunset. Therefore what we call Tuesday night is actually Wednesday night on Biblical time. I like to ask groups if they knew Yeshua was returning on Wednesday night at 10 PM, to this room, would they be there?

Of course they all say yes! Then I tell them they would be 24 hours late. They were on the wrong time and calendar! Ponder that…


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Election Results Fulfilling Biblical Prophecy

The United States and Britain Choosing a Sovereign Path in 2016 is Prophecy Being Fulfilled


The two Israelite nations, America and Great Britain, continued to fulfill ancient Biblical prophecy in 20 16 as they both voted against Globalism and One World Order. Britain voted to exit the European Union and America’s vote for Donald Trump was similar—it was a vote to maintain American national sovereignty verses government by appointed officials such as the United Nations.

These two events have significant end of the age ramifications. First, let’s review the prophecy. I always wondered about Genesis 48 and 49 and the meaning of Jacob’s blessings on the tribes. After much study and leading by the Lord through various teachers and sources it began to become clear. I pray this will help you to see it.

If you are not familiar with the teachings on the Lost Tribes of Israel and God’s promises to Abraham about descendants from many nations (Gen 12.3) please search this blog for the series on the Lost Tribes for background information.

In Genesis 48.9-22 Joseph asked his father Jacob to bless Manasseh and Ephraim prior to his death. Joseph was Jacob’s favorite son and first born by Rachael the wife he loved. As Jacob put his hands on Manasseh and Ephraim’s heads he put his right hand on Ephraim’s head and left hand on Manasseh’s head. In effect he was giving the first born blessing to Ephraim who was second born.

Have you ever wondered what the prophecies in Genesis 48 and 49 mean? In Genesis 49.1 Jacob gathers the tribes for their blessings and tells them this is what is going to befall you in the last days! These are important end time prophecies and Joseph, Ephraim, and Manasseh are included.

Back to Jacob blessing Manasseh and Ephraim. Jacob blesses Joseph first: And he blessed Joseph, and said, “God, before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac did walk, the God which fed me all my life long unto this day, the Angel which redeemed me from all evil, bless the lads; and let my name be named on them, and the name of my father’s Abraham and Isaac; and let them grow into a multitude in the midst of the earth.”

This is a tremendous prophecy with end time meaning! Jacob says to let his name be upon them and the name of Abraham and Issac…then, let them grow into a multitude in the midst of the earth.”

The ten northern tribes are called Israel the name God gave Jacob when he wrestled with the angel. The northern tribes were scattered throughout the earth (2 Kings 17.24-41; Hosea 3.4-4; 5.5-12; 7.8-10) and did not return as Judah did when taken captive by the Babylonians.

Israel (Ephraim also means Israel as they were the ruling tribe) was scattered among the Gentiles and lost his identity but Isaac name was also upon him. The Anglo Saxons are Israel’s descendants—Sons of Sac or sons of Isaac. Ref: The Lost Tribes of Israel on the blog.

There are many more proofs of this…the tribe of Dan has left his name everywhere he migrated to. Danmark, Daube, Dardanelles, Danzig, etc. The word British in Hebrew means “Covenant man” as just another example.

Ephraim and Manasseh are Britain and the United States in Biblical Prophecy. Let’s continue with the blessing of Jacob upon them: And when Joseph saw that his father laid his right hand upon the head of Ephraim, it displeased him: and he held up his father's hand, to remove it from Ephraim's head unto Manasseh's head.  And Joseph said unto his father, Not so, my father: for this is the firstborn; put thy right hand upon his head. 

And his father refused, and said, I know it, my son, I know it: he also shall become a people, and he also shall be great: but truly his younger brother shall be greater than he, and his seed shall become a multitude of nations.  And he blessed them that day, saying, In thee shall Israel bless, saying, God make thee as Ephraim and as Manasseh: and he set Ephraim before Manasseh. Genesis 48.17-19 Manasseh became the thirteenth tribe when this happened.

Jacob said, “Manasseh shall be great” was prophesying the future great nation of the United States a future colony of Great Britain. Ephraim seed was to become “a multitude of nations.” This multitude of nations would become the future British Empire!

Just a few quick notes: The mascot of Great Britain is John Bull. A bull is the emblem of the tribe of Ephraim. There are lions on the English coat of arms—Yeshua is the lion of Judah. The English are called Anglo-Saxons. They were invaded by the Saxons—Sac’s sons.

The United States has a flag with thirteen stripes, they were originally thirteen colonies of Great Britain, and thirteen is the number of rebellion in the Bible (Gen 14.12). This may sound unbelievable but it is true…and the comparisons go on and on…research it on this blog. It is amazing!

Now think what has happened in 2016. Britain voted to leave the European Union and maintain their national sovereignty. The United States voted in Donald Trump who has promised he will untangle the U.S. from the coming world order.

The new world order will have many nations binding together as one—but to accomplish this they must give up their national sovereignty to a group of representatives that will be appointed by each nation. These nations will bind together and lose their national sovereignty to the group.

The U.S. and Britain have voted to take another path. They are voting against the new world order whether they know it or not. They are voting to separate themselves from the “Beast” as it were.

Europe is named after the goddess Europa who was seduced by Zeus when he changed himself into a bull (beast) and rode off into the ocean with her on his back. In front of the European Parliament Building is a statue of the “woman riding the Beast.”

 There it is hiding in plain sight.

God is separating His sheep nations of Britain and America for their ultimate protection. He is also preparing to chastise them for their sins of turning away from Him. The books of the prophets in the Old Testament are about Israel and Judah turning to idols and God chastising them through the pagan nations. Britain and the U.S. are being separated along with Judah (the nation of Israel) in order that God may chastise and correct them for their sins.

I cannot say exactly how God is going to do this but the books of the prophets are a good place to start. We have turned from God to idols and he is going to deal with His people in order to perfect them for His future arrival to this earth. It is a very exciting time to be alive.

We need to pray for God’s guidance on both of our countries during this time of change. Our message to our nations is to humble themselves and return to the God who has given them such manifold blessings. We as nations have forgotten and turned away.

Therefore say thou unto them, Thus saith the LORD of hosts; Turn ye unto me, saith the LORD of hosts, and I will turn unto you, saith the LORD of hosts. Zechariah 1.3

God is moving in a tremendous way in our day. He is preparing us for difficult times ahead. Now is the time to seek his face. The beast is rising but God is raising up a standard against him.

So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west and His glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him. Isaiah 59.19

The Lord is raising up His army…do you hear the call? Arise and shine!






Thursday, November 10, 2016


No matter who was elected President 50% of America was going to be unhappy with the results. Change has been taking place. The two articles below approach things from a Biblical World Perspective. Rather than write my thoughts I present these links:

I will say this. I find it very interesting that the two Israelite nations Britain (Ephraim) and America (Manasseh) both voted against the New World Order (Genesis 48:3-20). Britain voted to leave the European Union and America turned to the right.

Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes as God is beginning to chastise both nations. This is being done for our benefit...we are disobedient sheep nations. If you don't understand these prophecies search this blog for answers and for answers.