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Please read the following posts from November 2016 and February 2018 for an understanding of why Mr. Putin thinks the way he does. We must understand the reasons a person thinks the way they do in order to sift through the lies and deceptions. https://burningbush647.blogspot.com/2016/11/vladimir-putin-and-russia-president.html

We’ve constantly been reviewing the world economic situation and development of the European Union on this blog as we seek to understand current events in relation to the end time Biblical prophecies. Since the end of World War II the United States and Russia have vied for world dominance. In the U.S. our foreign policy has been obsessed with Russia. They are the scapegoat for all that is wrong in the world.

Today I would like to focus on how world events under President Trump are moving the world towards the second coming of Yeshua. It takes years for events to reach their culmination. Many of the events taking place today are setting up the world for the Great Tribulation. We don’t know how long it will take—but we can watch it develop.

Mr. Trump is right when he assails the EU (European Union) about their lack of spending on defense. Since WW II the U.S. has protected Europe from the “Russian Threat” that was the Cold War. In 1989 the Berlin Wall came down and the West rejoiced that they had won the cold war.

The Russian economy was at a low at this time and the western banks began to work with Russia to stabilize and rebuild the Russian economy. At that time there were wealthy Russian businessmen who owned major Russian businesses. They made deals with the west to funnel many of their resources and profits to the United States. Our banks made deals with these oligarchs, as they were called, and they became very wealthy.

When Putin came into power he considered these oligarchs traitors who sold out Russia to the west. At the same time western banks were taking over the Russian economy and creating loans that would indebt Russia to the west coming decades. Mr. Putin saw this and reacted strongly. He realized Russia was losing her sovereignty to the U.S. and NATO.

The above link explains this.

Russia is now completely free of western control and has been making financial deals with China and the EU. Mr. Trump declared that Germany was under the control of Russia because they are spending billions buying Russian gas and oil while the U.S. spends billions protecting the E.U.

Germany wants to deal with Russia because the Russians are building a gas pipeline that will reach into Germany. The Germans will then distribute the gas to southern Europe. This will give Germany great control over these countries. Mr. Trump understands this.

Biblically, Mr. Trump is being used by God to hasten the development of the E.U. in several ways. By requiring the E.U. to spend more on defense they will begin to take care of their own defense. The E.U. look at both Russian and China as trading partners. The U.S. is threatened by this but can really do nothing about it. Mr. Trump wants them to trade with us.

For years the E.U. has been chafing at American control and they are now beginning to break free because of Mr. Trump’s pushing them to do what he believes they should. . The E.U. is most likely the Beast Government described in the book of Revelation. The photo below is a sculpture that is outside the European Parliament Building in Brussels Belgium. The building itself is designed to look like a painting of the Tower of Babel.

Is it possible that God is revealing these things to us in plain sight?

The name of Europe comes from the ancient goddess Europa. She was seduced by Zeus who came in the form of a bull and seduced her. The last time they were seen she was on the back of the beast as he swam out into the ocean.

European Parliament Building

Mr. Trump is being used by God to get the E.U. to organize their military defense and become independent of the U.S. Then the E.U. will break from the U.S. and make their own trade deals with Russia and China without U.S. influence.

The U.S. is heading for a financial crises, along with the E.U. and world. This event will remove the U.S. dollar as world reserve currency. If you have been reading this blog you’ve read many articles on how China and Russia are stockpiling gold and removing their economies from dependence on the US dollar.

This will be the result of what Mr. Trump is doing. This is all part of God’s plan to align the nations for the second coming of Yeshua. It is playing out right in front of our eyes.

At some point, in the relatively short future, America will become isolated and marginalized as far as power and influence in world affairs. This sounds terrible, but in fact, may be God’s way of protecting America at the same time He is chastising us for our sins. If America is an Israelite/sheep nation the Lord must chastise us. We can all see how our nation is divided and descending into depravity—we even export it to other nations. Our nation is becoming like the USS United States luxury liner seen to the left. Our debt is so great she cannot be repaired.

Throughout American early history we were an isolationist nation. We did not want to become involved in the wars and affairs of Europe. The two great world wars changed all of that. We were drawn in and after WW II we became the dominate world power. What we are seeing now is the final surge of American power in the world. The other nations must rise prior to the tribulation.

Mr. Trump is being mightily used of God to realign the nations in preparation for the time of “Jacob’s Trouble” when the nations come against Jerusalem. In fact, Mr. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner who is Jewish, is working on a peace plan for the Middle East along with several Arab nations including Saudi Arabia. We should look for this plan to be revealed in the near future before Mr. Trump’s term is over.

It can be very frustrating watching these events unfold but in order for Biblical prophecy to be fulfilled they must. The two great Israelite nations of Britain and America are being chastised by God for their sins. Both our nations are turning away from God to a human secular society. https://burningbush647.blogspot.com/2017/09/britains-christian-heritage-first.html

Understanding current events in our country and world gives us hope for the future. We should not be surprised at the things that are coming. We should continue to watch, pray, and prepare, for those things. Watch Mr. Trump and pray for understanding in how God is using him. After Mr. Trump America will most likely take a huge turn to the left.

If a financial collapse happens during Mr. Trump’s watch it will be blamed on him—but this has been brewing for decades as America spends itself into oblivion. The day of reckoning is on the horizon. We are watchmen on the walls speaking the Word of the Lord. Stay calm and carry on!

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