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Present World Crisis
Edited from an article by Seeley Kinne


Seeley D. Kinne was born in 1858 in New York State. He grew up on his parent's farm and was the eldest of seven children. They were members of the Pentecostal Assembly in Avoca, where he often spoke. In November of 1932, Seeley D. Kinne pastored the Adullum Assembly in Rochester, New York when He wrote:


"Some regard us as fanatical.  We are the clearest of excessive and disorderly workings that I have seen, so as to be free from bondages of almost every kind.  True, we have dancing, singing, praising, and various spiritual exercises.  To an onlooker that might seem boisterous; but to participate is to find the touch of God."


Seeley Kinne was a prophetic seer, who "saw" and had understanding far beyond the time in which he lived. He passed into the presence of our Lord in 1950 at 91 years of age. He had a unique way to express eternal truth, which will both bless and edify those who read herein.


It is interesting to read his vision of the end times 68 years ago. 


We have crossed the threshold of the “Day of the Lord.” Mighty upheavals are at hand, as it is the close of the Gentile era. The entire structure of man-made governments, businesses, and religions, are ready for judgment by Almighty God Himself.


The God of Heaven is setting up His Stone Kingdom, an unending and indestructible order. Its princes and rulers are prophetic overcomers. They are presently, like Moses, in the backside of the desert; or like Joseph, in prison; or like David, in the wilderness; or like Daniel, in heathen dissolute courts; or like Paul, in Arabia.


These are hidden in the “School of Christ,” presently being tested and tried, and by fire, purified. They will come forth at the appointed time as sanctified vessels, prepared for the Master’s use.


In the schools of men, there are grades or degrees of attainment. So also in the Ecclesia, the school of God. Many attain to the 30 fold, some to the 60 fold, and a few to the 100 fold. There is a depth of divine power and spiritual authority that is lacking in present day spiritual vision and experience. Indeed, there were privileges enjoyed in the first Ecclesia (early Church) which are so completely lost, that it is not known what they were.


That these may again be known and enjoyed, restoration is prophesied to occur in the last days in connection with the return of Jesus Christ. This restoration will include all that was in the first Ecclesia, and much more, which has been foretold. There will be, a depth and completeness of salvation to the uttermost; spirit, soul, and body. There will be “overcomers” perfected, and given power over nations, as restored apostolic ministries. But only to the extent that all is yielded to the Lord.


“And he that overcomes, and keeps My works to the end, to him will I give power over the nations: And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of My Father.” Revelation 2:26


There is an urgent need for a greater revelation of the Sovereignty of God, which will cause man to see his insignificance, and cause him up to seek help only from his Maker. This will release “Divine Intervention.” Many times, down through the ages, God has stepped into man’s activities and interposed His plans and ways.


Intervention originates in God and is an interposition by God. It speaks of God coming between and taking the initiative. Little progress in spiritual life can be made unless the Holy Spirit becomes our Teacher and Guide.


One must have direct continued leading of the Holy Spirit to reveal the steps, and to carry one through His act of Intervention.


“And the Lord shall guide you continually…. Isaiah 58:11

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The following notes are from the book “Jesus and Money” and serve as a guide for our preparation for the days to come.



Factors that led to poverty in Jesus’ world

Famine and crop failure were common. Slavery, the intricate web of patron-client relationships that made it impossible to get ahead in life unless one was well connected; the oppression of being under foreign rule, the enormous tax burden and theft of land that entailed, the highly patriarchal character of society, which limited women’s roles and often prevented them from accumulating wealth, all were major factors. Then add to this the basic human greed and other forces at work in a fallen world. It was a difficult life.


Only about 10% of those who lived in Jesus’ time were literate. Jesus could read Hebrew (Luke 4:14-19) which is unusual since early Jews in Galilee spoke Aramic rather that Hebrew. This shows Jesus’ piety, as he knew where too find the verses in Isaiah as the scroll was handed to him.


Concepts from Jesus and Money


God is the creator of--and owner of all things.

We own nothing--we are God’s stewards.

Even though we have worked to acquire our own things we don’t “own” them. We are stewards.

The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil--not the money itself.

Wealth can be a potential spiritual stumbling block.

What we do with our surplus money reveals a lot about our true character. 2 Corinthians 8-9

Simplify your life-style.

We are blessed so we can be a blessing to others.

The goal of the Christian life is not success or prosperity, but “Godliness with Contentment”.

We must be wary and take a cautious approach to the issues of money and possessions.

The same epistles which condemn greed as idolatrous also commend provision for oneself and family as a duty.

Develop a good sense of the differences between luxuries and necessities.


“Hang out with the holy rollers, not the high rollers.” We often become like those we admire.


Our economic system is in a “fallen sinful state.”


We are a consumer economy that needs to begin producing.

Consumer and competitive drives are two obvious dynamics in our culture.

Consumer mentality is a form of self-focus and self-centeredness.


Don’t choose a church on “What you can get out of it”, but on where you can best serve.

We are always wrestling with ourselves over the issues of greed and lust.


There is danger in becoming enmeshed in a wicked economic system for the sake of becoming rich. Our current system of banking and Wall Street is based upon debt and leverage--it is very self-centered and functions on greed and lust. It enslaves people and nations to debt. Observe the western world’s current debt crises.


Rome’s economy was based on slavery--similar to today’s debt. Paul felt the early church should deconstruct the very basis of Rome’s economy of slave labor--we are “brothers in Christ”. The Old Testament made provision for the cancellation of debt every seven and fifty years (Leviticus 25). This allowed freedom from being sold as a slave or worker for a person’s entire life. It redeemed family land sold to another. It encouraged freedom from debt and paying of interest.


The reason for Jubilee was to prevent a permanent system of economic classes. The Jubilee had a leveling effect on Israel’s culture. It gave everyone a chance to start over, economically and socially. God wants men to be free.


This was God’s grace to His people Israel. They were not to take advantage of each other or strangers. They were not to treat each other harshly. If not redeemed by immediate family after the seven years period, they were given their freedom and/or land back in the fifty year Jubilee.


We too need to treat our brothers like this in the church and society. God desires to see true justice on earth--not practices that lead people and nations into bondage.


Giving allows those who receive to give praise and thanksgiving to God. This is a great witness to the world.


The New Testament world was based on an honor and shame culture. Paul wanted those who could only give a small amount not to feel ashamed. 2 Corinthians 8:11

  • The World Financial System is built upon a debt-based monetary system that uses a modern day form of dishonest scales known as Fractional Reserve Banking (FRB).
  • FRB is an unrighteous process that creates currency in the form of consumer and investment debt, and then loans that debt into existence as money.
  • The FRB process creates a debt based monetary system whereby all money is debt, which is why the U.S. Dollar is officially called a “Federal Reserve Note”.
  • Likewise, all international currencies are referred to as notes (debt), which means the WFS uses debt as “legal tender in the payment of all debts public and private”.
  • This type of unrighteous creation and misuse of debt transgresses God’s financial laws and creates a debt bubble that always collapses. 
  • Today’s worldwide debt bubble is in the process of collapsing, and the dynamics behind the biblical truth that “the borrower is slave to the lender” (Pr. 22:7) is manifesting on a global scale. Consequently, individuals, businesses and governments are all becoming slaves to the WFS of Commercial Babylon.
  • God is calling His New Covenant people to “come out” of Babylon, Egypt and the world by returning to the biblical principles of finance and investments that are found in God’s Torah (Laws).

·[1]   Legal tender statement that appears on all U.S. currency.




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As an adjunct to our discussion of the US economy I am posting my notes on Jonathan Cahn's book, The Harbinger, which details the spiritual meaning of the events which took place on 9/11/2001









Watchmen on the wall - Ezekiel 33   Isaiah 9:8 Israel has a limited time to repent after the destruction of parts of the nation. This is the first warning to the nation. There is no repentance on their part. They are defiant and determine to rebuild stronger, but not change any of their ways that are displeasing to God.


Bricks were not strong enough, they were made of mud and straw. We will rebuild. We will undo the proclaimed judgment of God.


Hewn stone - We will rebuild with strong stone. We will replace the bricks.


Sycamore trees were cut down in the destruction. We will replant with Cedars. Cedars of Lebanon. Strong trees. We vow to be stronger yet. (And continue in our ways, not God’s)


Sept 11, 2001 The United States is shaken by an attack on and destruction of the World Trade Towers. The attack was on the US financial system. It was a warning from our enemies (and God).


Fallen bricks - twisted metal.


Rebuild - The Freedom Tower. Let us build a tower. A vow to be bigger and better.



After 9/11 the Federal Reserve reduced interest rates in order to stimulate the economy. The financial responses could be called the “cut stones” of rebuilding. The 9/11 event transformed our economy and that of the rest of the world. The reduced interest rates made for “free money”. This opened up the avenues for EZ money and expanded credit which fueled the housing boom. People who could not afford future payments where encouraged to borrow during this period. A bubble was forming, we were building a “house of cards”.


Divine anger could be called remedial chastening. The Lord chastens those whom He loves. Chastening is designed to get man’s attention and cause man to repent - to turn back toward God. Micah 6:1-2 and Micah 7:8-10. Is America turning back toward God?



1. The breech or loss of the hedge of protection - God allows the enemy to strike.

2. The Terrorist’s - Assyria and Babylon in Israel’s time. Iran and Iraq on 9/11.

3. Fallen bricks - Ruins - The fallen twin towers.

4. Tower - Rebuilding ground zero

5. Stone - Gahzit in Hebrew - cut stones - hardening ourselves, a foundation stone set at ground zero.

6. Sycamore tree - Fallen trees - the fallen towers - the real tree at St. Paul’s Chapel, corner ground zero.

7. Cedars - hard strong tree - replaced the sycamore at ground zero.

8. Utterance of the vow by the leaders of the nation, often from the capital city. Jerusalem - Washington D.C.

9. Recording of the vow - it becomes prophecy. The nation heads toward judgment.


The 9/11 attack was on America’s financial system. The attack was right around the corner from America’s financial district - Wall St. - a few blocks from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).


The NYSE was created on Wall St. in 1792 beneath the shade of a buttonwood tree, also known as an American Sycamore! At the edge of ground zero stands St. Paul’s Chapel, at Broadway and Fulton Sts. Debris from the falling trade tower struck a sycamore tree that had stood for nearly a century in St. Paul’s courtyard. When the dust settled the sycamore was found uprooted and fallen in such a way that none of the historic tombstones in the yard were damaged. No wreckage had touched the chapel.


Sculptor Steven Tobin was inspired to create a bronze sculpture that now stands at Trinity Church which is the entrance to Wall St. just a few blocks from St. Paul’s. The sculpture is a recreation of the uprooted sycamore. The original roots of the sycamore are on display at St. Paul’s Chapel.


Is God speaking to our nation? Isaiah 9:10...”the sycamores are cut down, but we will rebuild. We will change them into Cedars”. Just a few years later at ground zero a Cedar tree was planted at ground zero. Do the fallen towers symbolize the fallen sycamores? Does the rebuilding of the towers symbolize the Cedars? What are the odds of a sycamore being struck down and replaced by a Cedar at ground zero? There is more.


Do the fallen towers represent the fallen bricks of Isaiah 9? Does the Freedom Tower represent the hewn stone? On July 4, 2004 a huge cut stone was laid as the foundation stone for the Freedom Tower. This stone represented the strength of America and the rebuilding of a better and stronger financial district. There is more.


The day after 9/11 at a joint session of Congress, Senate majority leader, Tom Daschle said, “We will rebuild and emerge stronger” referring to Isaiah 9:8-10 not realizing this passage was a judgment passage.  There was no mention of seeking God or turning back to God or repentance. Of all the scriptures he could have used he chose this one concerning God’s judgment on a nation (Ancient Israel) turning their back on God. There is more.


In Washington D.C. on the 3rd anniversary of 9/11, 2004 Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards, during a speech, read the same verses from Isaiah 9.


April 30th 1789 could be considered the birth of the US Government when George Washington was inaugurated at Federal Hall on Wall St., which now faces the NYSE building. In his inaugural speech Washington urged the nation to continue to follow God and be blessed. Departure from God, he warned, would be dangerous for the nation. The nation was dedicated at the corner of ground zero on Wall St. that day. Afterwards, Washington and others in his party, walked the short distance to St. Paul’s Chapel to pray God’s Blessing on the new government.

Could the attack on the WTC be God’s warning, His pleading with America to return to its roots? Is this the first Divine warning to get America’s attention? Psalm 78 is God calling the nation to return. The psalm is a warning to God’s people. Is God chastening us today?



Ezekiel 13:10-16:  God says He will take down the wall and expose the foundation if we refuse to walk in His ways. In this verse He is speaking to apostate Israel. He used pagan nations as the tool of His warnings and judgment. God speaks this way today, but many do not recognize His voice or believe He still operates in this manner. 


The foundation is that which is at the beginning of a nation - that which the nation puts it’s trust in. America was founded by those looking for freedom of religion. Our foundation was based on the beliefs of those who sought God’s direction. Israel was God’s nation, founded by God. When they strayed God warned them through world events. Is God so warning America now? We were founded on scriptural purposes and have been blessed - but now we are turning our backs on God.


We see a pattern of judgment or warning to the nation in the ancient scriptures. A pattern of warning. The prophets were sent to alert and warn the people. The people were stubborn and rebellious worshipping idols (anything that replaces God in our hearts) and sacrificing their children to the fire of false Gods (abortion by the millions today).


God used Assyria to chastise the northern kingdom of Israel and Babylon to chastise Judah. Is it possible God still speaks to the nations this way today? What is the book of Revelation saying?


Many of our Founding Fathers believed in the Bible and the God of the Bible. They were by no means perfect, but they believed in and sought the Creator’s guidance while creating this nation. America was often referred to as the “New Jerusalem” or the “City on the shining hill.” In a speech at the Republican National Convention in 1976 Ronald Reagan referred to America as the City on the shining hill.


The attack on the World Trade Center was an attack on America’s financial power. It was designed to inevitably bring us down financially at some point in time. The end result, hoped for by the terrorist’s, is to bring us down both financially and militarily. It costs America billions of dollars to project her military power throughout the world. The war on terror they hoped would cost us dearly. The attack on the financial structure was the first stage.


After the attack the NYSE was closed for the rest of the week. When it reopened it experienced the greatest one day decline in history up to that point in its history. Our economy was in a state of shock.


Our response was to create EZ credit and low interest rates to get our economy back on track. The government, under Pres Bush, began programs to make it easy for people to purchase their own homes. Regulations on banks and securities companies that regulated the type of business they could participate in were eased. This began the era of derivative instruments and Wall St operating like a casino rather than a place for sound investments. It also started the housing boom and various mortgage backed securities - the packaging of mortgages for sale to investors.


People began to buy homes they could not afford as Wall St. looked the other way. Anyone could get credit to buy a home. When mortgages were packaged they could be sold for big commissions by the Street on the world market. Those who owned homes saw their value increase as the boom continued. They borrowed against the equity in their homes and bought stuff - lots of stuff.


Agencies that packaged mortgages for resale began to put anything into the package. Credit checks were not done on buyers and the agencies rated everything AAA. They thought the housing boom would continue forever.  The House of Cards was under construction.


Then Wall St began acting like a sports betting casino. They came up with the derivatives that allowed investors to “bet against” just about anything that was a financial instrument. You could bet against bonds being successful, against insurance policies, etc. Now they created a derivative to bet against the packaged mortgages they were creating.


Simply put, they could call up an investor and encourage them to buy the Mortgaged Backed Securities that they said were AAA, a sure thing. Then they turned around and sold a “bet” against those same mortgages to another investor. Not very ethical. It was all about making money any way possible with no regard to the consequences or ethics.


Our entire system was careening out of control, unregulated, full of greed. The whole recovery, like our entire system, was fueled by credit and the debt that it creates. The bubble was forming and growing at an alarming rate. Finally in Sept of 2008, seven years to the date (on the Hebrew Calendar) the financial crises began. Why is this prophetic?



Leviticus 25:2-7, 18-27, EX 23:10-11 - In ancient Israel the seventh year, according to the Hebrew calendar, which is lunar, is a year of rest for the land and the release of debt. In Hebrew this is called the Shemita. This seven year rest is not to be confused with the year of Jubilee which is a 50 year rest and release of debt.


Prior to Judah’s captivity in Babylon the nation had not been abiding by the Shemita, the law of rest for the land and release of debt. 2 CHR 36:15-21. Because of their disobedience the Kingdom of Judah went into captivity for 70 years in Babylon. (Daniel 9:1-3) One year for each Shemita not observed. They were warned by God ahead of time but refused to obey. How does the Shemita apply to the financial crises in America?


The date of the financial crises, Sept 2008, is the end of the seven year Shemita period from the previous Shemita which was 9/11 2001. Seven years from the beginning of the 2001 Shemita, we have the financial crises at the end of the next Shemita in 2008. On this day the stock market crashed 777 points. It now surpassed the previous one day crash of Sept 17th 2001 when the market reopened after 9/11.


The ensuing bailouts were a release of debt to the banks that were failing due to their unethical lending practices. This toxic waste was purchased by the Federal Reserve Bank, in effect, cancelling the Wall St debt. Who really paid? The American public, the tax payers.


The year prior, 2007, was fat and prosperous. As Shemita drew closer housing problems began coming to the surface. The first sign was in Sept 2007! British sub-prime lender Northern Rock collapsed. Northern Rock was in partnership with a company that would later be involved in the American crises - Lehman Bros. In accordance with the Hebrew calendar, Sept 2007 was the beginning of the Shemita year! Is God speaking?


In October of 2007 the Dow Jones Average was above 14,000 points. From that time it began its decline until it bottomed at 7,000 points in Sept ‘08. Do you see a lot of sevens? All the gains from the previous seven years were lost by Sept 08.

In ancient Israel when the nation refused to practice Shemita the Lord said they would not gather in their increase. They would sow, but not gather in the yield. Most financial jargon revolves around agricultural terms - sow, reap, yield, increase, etc. Notice that?


Now, man steps in and “rebuilds”. The burden of the bailouts were put on the backs of the taxpayers. The unethical financial system reaped profits from false scales and weights. Proverbs 11:1, 20:23. The nation meanwhile is burdened with the release. The fat cats pay themselves big bonuses as a reward for failure! The nation’s economy becomes over burdened and begins the next stage of debasement.


The Shemita is a divine act of “letting fall”. This is the root meaning of the Hebrew word Shemita. Is the American financial system in danger of falling? Is God reaching out towards us and trying to warn us? Does He want us to return to our roots (the uprooted sycamore). Does he want us to repair our foundation?



Bank of America was involved in the opening stages of the 2008 financial crises. They were asked to bailout Lehman Bros. by purchasing them. After review, B of A decided not to purchase Lehman Bros. and the government decided not to bail them out. This created shock waves throughout the financial markets world-wide.


AIG, the world’s largest insurer was involved in credit default swaps-bad mortgages. They crashed when this market was exposed as toxic. AIG fell along with Lehman Bros., but the government decided to bail them out in order to keep the entire system from failing. These three players, B of A, Lehman, and AIG where the key players early in the crises.

The prophetic connection is that all three of these companies had offices in the north tower of the WTC on 9/11. What is this telling us about our financial system? What is the financial collapse warning us of? What or whom will replace America as the financial leader of the world? If the “pride of our power” is broken (Lev 26.19) who is rising? Read Deut 28 and Lev 26 for the blessings and curses on a nation that is called by God and then turns away.

Will the European Union rise up? Will it be China or Islam? If we refuse to turn back toward our God our power is sure to be broken. The tide of current events is already pointing in this direction. New York City will no longer be the financial capitol of the world. Already Berlin, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Moscow are jockeying for this position. The world no longer looks on America as the financial ideal. Our dollar is being debased by the Federal Reserve on purpose. This is causing financial hardship in many countries around the globe. Foreign creditors are less interested in purchasing our debt in the form of US Treasury Bills. They no longer want the US Dollar to be the reserve currency of the world. The “almighty dollar” is in decline.

It is a little known fact that Henry Hudson sailed up the river named after him to what is now Manhattan Island on Sept 11, 1609. Could we say this was the beginning of the establishment of the USA as the world financial power? Isn’t it amazing that God’s warnings are clustered around this time? What is God trying to tell us?

BREAKING OF THE JAR - JEREMIAH 19:1-11, ISAIAH 9:8-10, MICAH 6:6-9There is a pattern in the Old Testament of warnings and judgment towards a nation that knows God and falls away. They are given warnings to return. The smashing of Jeremiah’s jar/the WTC is God beseeching us to return to Him. Our protective hedge has been breeched by our enemies - God’s protection has been removed to get our attention. Just like Israel, America was established by God. Look at the names of towns just in our area alone: Bethlehem, Emmaus, Nazareth. Look across America: Zion National Park, Bethesda, Bethany, Bethel, Shiloh National Park, just to name a few. Our country was founded by those who believed in the God of the Old and New Testament. They in many ways tried to live according to God’s laws. After the attack of 9/11 we vowed revenge, we declared we would rebuild and replant. Politicians used Isaiah 9:8-10 as the scripture to rebuild not realizing it was a scripture of judgment. There were no signs of repentance. For a short time people went to church, but it didn’t last long.

In the scripture there is the principle of nothing being established but in the mouth of two or three witnesses. 2 Cor 13:1. Deut 19:15. We saw Senate majority leader Tom Daschle make a speech the day after 9/11. Then in 2004 we see Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards make a speech. Just as the high priest Caiaphas said, “it is expedient that one man die for the nation”, and didn’t realize he was prophesying (John 11:47-51) so did these two men.

Then on February 24, 2009 President Obama in his first speech as the nation’s leader said to a joint session of Congress, “The state of our economy is on all minds, but we will rebuild.” The Lord sent a word into Jacob (the nation) that night. The next day papers around the world used headlines such as: OBAMA SAYS WE WILL REBUILD. This was a testimony by a third witness, but there is more.

In addition to these three witnesses proclaiming the judgment of Isaiah 9, on that night the three branches of American government were present. The executive (Obama), the legislative (the House and Senate) and the executive (members of the Supreme Court) were all present that evening. Three witnesses.

Later that year on the anniversary of the economic crises Obama spoke at Federal Hall on Wall St where George Washington had been inaugurated as President back in 1789. Today (and that day) a statue of George Washington sits in front of Federal Hall looking directly at the NYSE building. That day, after Obama’s speech, the stock market closed at 9,065 points. Incredibly, eight years earlier, on 9/11 2001 the stock market closed at 9,065 points. That is 9, zero, 6 + 5 = 9/11. Is God trying to tell our nation something?

People on Wall St said it was spooky, strange...Everything about these events from Sept 11, 2001 onward points to the divine prophetic hand of God.  He surely is speaking to us: “Turn to me, repent, remember the days of old when you walked with me and were blessed.”

After World War Two when the British pound sterling fell and the US Dollar became the world reserve currency it was the beginning of the demise of the British Empire. Is the demise of American Power looming?

The World Trade Center was conceived in 1945. Construction began in the 1960’s. The north tower was completed in 1970 and the entire complex was dedicated in 1973. In 1970 abortion was made legal in New York State. In 1973 abortion was legal throughout the country. Every day in America approximately the same number of babies are aborted as the number of people who perished in the collapse of the twin towers. God says, “ I knew you in the womb, before you were born.” Could there be any correlation in these dates and numbers? This is not to disparage those who died in the attacks in any way. They were victims of a horrendous crime and should be honored. The question I ask: Is our creator crying out to us?

Someone once said “Where is God? Why does He allow these things to happen?” We have kicked God out of our schools, our homes, our government, and turned our back on His word. Where is He supposed to be?

It is time to rise up as the people of God and pray, fast, plead, and seek direction for our nation and ourselves. Zechariah 7:8-14 is a warning and a plea from God to us.  In 2 Chr 7:14 the Lord gives us some direction and encouragement. Now is the time. He who has ears to hear let him hear. Amen




the sons of Issachar…had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their command; 1 Chronicles 12.32


Friday, September 15, 2017


I am not a financial expert, but back in 2009 the Lord led me to study and understand the financial markets. This was following the 2008 financial crises when AIG was shut down and our system came close to total collapse.

I began to understand Wall St and various financial activity that I had paid no attention to in the past. I looked at our debt situation and began to realize that this debt was a giant bubble that had to burst at some point. Here is a very simple explanation:

Our debt is now over 20 trillion dollars. If you began counting a dollar a second it would take about 30,000 years to count just ONE TRILLION! That is amazing.

The reason the attack on the dollar is so serious is because the dollar has been the world's reserve currency since the end of World War 2. This means that major trade is conducted in dollars. In order to trade other countries must keep a huge supply of US dollars on hand.

This makes the dollar a valuable commodity and allows the US to create money at will to satisfy this need. That in turn allows the US to constantly buy on credit. This fuels our local economy as credit expands. Most Americans are heavily in debt because our system functions on debt and the ability of the US to print dollars out of NOTHING.

As we print more and more money and extend more and more credit the value of those dollars decreases. This costs foreign countries more money as our currency devalues. The US wants to devalue because we then are paying the debt service with devalued dollars.

Foreign countries are at a disadvantage as they must trade for devalued dollars in order to conduct large scale trade. They must have huge reserves of US dollars on hand.

For instance, in 1971, President Nixon made a deal with Saudi Arabia and OPEC to sell all oil in US dollars. At the same time Nixon took America off the gold standard. Selling oil only in dollars made the dollar dominate.

This is when we started to print dollars which read, "Federal Reserve Note" rather then "Silver Certificate". That is when smart people started to keep their silver coins. Those coins had 90% silver in them and today sell for high premiums.

A regular silver dollar today sells for about $26. You can buy them in bags of 100 for $2600. It is called junk silver. In reality, as you can see, they are quite valuable. If our economy collapses those who have junk silver will have a very valuable commodity with which to purchase goods.

In the previous post I gave links to articles about how the dollar is being circumvented in trade by Russia, China, and their allies. This has been going on since 2009. The Russians and Chinese have been buying large amounts of gold with the US dollars they have in reserve.

This is a creative way for them to get rid of their dollars for the most valued commodity on the planet--GOLD! They have been setting up trading platforms to buy and sell energy in their currencies which will be backed by gold. In time, this will destroy the dollar because the US doesn't have enough gold to back the dollar.

When the major "event" will happen is anyone's guess--but it is going to come relatively soon. The Russians and Chinese will "pull the rug out from under us" when they are fully set.

In the past they had to go through a US system of clearing credit card debt called the "Swift System". Recently both Russia and China created their own clearing system in order to get around that dollar system.

Lately I have been seeing many articles on this type of activity.

Most of these things that are happening now I first began reading about in 2009. Today they are actually being to happen. America and all of us are going to experience a significant change of lifestyle when the impact of these changes fully strikes our financial system.

When I spoke to others about this stuff they all blew me off. They couldn't see it or believe it--but sadly this is one of the ways we as a nation are being chastised by God for our apostasy.

There are ways to prepare. Seek the Lord on how you can prepare. Many glibly say, "Oh, the Lord will take care of me, I don't have to worry."

Yes, the Lord will take care of you, but not in the manner and style you are currently accustomed to. A wise person prepares. Joseph prepared Egypt at God's command. You do have to think seriously about what is coming and try to make basic preparations.

I have taken steps to prepare in various ways and now I am going about my daily living with peace of mind. There are steps you can take that will give you some peace of mind. It will be difficult. It is important to be prepared mentally and physically for what is coming.

America may look more like a third world country than a superpower in the near future. Seek the Father on your own and ask Him what you need to do. Be calm and then carry on! This is very real.

I've posted some more articles below.

Venezuela stops selling oil in US dollars

Russian rubles and Chinese Yuan will be used in pricing silver on London Bullion Market

California pension funds stressed

Dollar no longer desired as only world reserve currency

Monday, September 11, 2017


A warning to prepare as we remember the tragic events of 9/11/2001

In past postings ( I have warned of the financial problems the United States is facing with the growing international refusal to use the US Dollar in trade for oil, energy, and other goods.

Russia and China continue to find various ways to circumvent use of the dollar in oil trade with their trading partners.

Venezuela, facing economic collapse, is drawing further away from the US as their situation worsens.
They are threatening to stop using dollars and develop closer ties with the Russian and Chinese currencies for selling their oil.

Meanwhile many US pension funds are seriously underfunded:

While some US cities are facing bankruptcy:

As the US dollar weakens many investors turn to gold:

US Debt $20 Trillion:

We all need to be watchful this fall season as we move forward. The dollar is under attack by many nations, many who are enemies, and America's predominate place in the world is eroding monthly.

There is going to be dollar devaluation and a new currency based on gold sometime in the next few years. God is judging our financial system and we are going to face another crises worse than what we experienced in 2008. The attack on America on Sept 11, 2001 was a harbinger of things to come.

That attack was an attack on America's financial system and our reliance on credit. America's credit is going to fail in the next crisis. Now is the time to get out of debt in preparation for this. It is time to get our personal financial situation under control.

Life based on credit as we are used to is going to come to an end. America is going to be isolated by Europe, Russia, and China. The day is approaching...get your house in order while there is time.

The Lord is patient towards us but if your house is not in order financially it is going to be much harder on you. Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Reading about these 19 Christian nations has been quite interesting to say the least. It is amazing how so many of them began with a high regard for the Creator. This is especially true when looking at some of the nations from the British Commonwealth.

Though not perfect, God had His hand in the affairs of all these nations and the development of human rights, workers rights, and advances in health were related to the following through on precepts already in the Bible.

If Europeans had paid attention to the Biblical laws on washing, kosher food, and disposing of human waste many tragic events may not have occurred such as the Black Plague in the 14th century. In those days human waste was casually cast into the streets and bred all manner of disease. Deuteronomy 23:12-13

Florence Nightingale, a religious women who read her Bible, came up with the idea of washing hands and sterilizing instruments to help lessen disease when working as a nurse in the Crimean war. All this could have been found in the Bible if men had taken care to read it carefully.

God blessed the Christian nations because he was bringing glory to His name--not because they were so special. These nations were blessed because they read the Bible and over time put the Bible into real action. This caused the blessings of Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 to be activated.

These nations preached the Gospel of the resurrection of Yeshua from the dead and God blessed us beyond our imaginations. We have all been tremendously blessed by faithfulness towards our Father God.

Today we are watching our Christian nations turn away from love and respect towards God. We are acting in the same manner as the Biblical nation of Israel in the books of Kings and Chronicles. God chastised them and sent them into captivity for their disobedience. Our nations are moving in that direction. Respect for God and His word is eroding in our blessed society.

Great chastisements and judgment are close. God will chastise us until we humbly return to Him and his Law. We are living in that time now. God moves slowly and sends warnings through tragic events and the weather to wake us up--but very little is said in the church about this--it is ignored. We only hear about rebuilding and coming back in greatness.

The message God is sending is to examine our ways, repent, and return to Him. Our shepherds are not speaking to us and most do not want to hear that anyway. The Father is patient, not wanting to chastise us severely, but we, as a nation are turning away from Him towards human secular laws. The Bible has become old fashioned. God's people are mocked.

It is shocking, to see how far our nations have fallen, how the Biblical laws and commands are trodden under foot. Great tribulation is coming to our generation soon. We truly need to examine ourselves in light of the word and get our house in order.

The Father recognizes our true efforts to get our house in order and will greatly bless those who seek Him out at this time. God is going to receive great glory to His name through a sanctified and set apart people who recognize that this is the day of our redemption and preparation.

Seek out His will for your life NOW and learn how to HEAR His voice NOW. This is a time of preparation and He desires your love and attention. WE can prosper in a spiritual way during the most difficult days IF we are prepared.

I don't consider myself totally prepared but am seeking His way for my life and I am encouraged by His word that He honors this desire on our part to turn towards Him in a deeper way.

Let the stories of our nations that you just read inspire you to seek His face during this time.

Friday, September 8, 2017

America’s Christian Heritage

American flag

America’s Christian Heritage

Olld US shield - Eagle holding something with each claw

The History and Founding Of America

In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in search of another route to India, and stumbled upon the continent of North America. He later wrote: "For the execution of the journey to the Indies, I did not make use of intelligence, mathematics or maps. It is simply the fulfilment of what Isaiah prophesied... (Columbus's translation of ISAIAH 51:1 says, “The far distant islands wait for my law.” He believed this verse was his calling)."
After his discovery was made known, many people, including the pilgrims, made their way to the New World. The main cause for their worldwide pilgrimage was the search for freedom to worship God. In November of 1620, the first pilgrims spotted Plymouth, Massachusetts from their ship, the Mayflower. Their leader, William Bradford, wrote, “They [the Pilgrim Fathers] fell upon their knees and blessed the God of Heaven who had brought them over the vast and furious ocean.” These pioneering immigrants to America strongly believed the Word of God and founded their laws and principles upon it.
By the late 1600's, the English colonies started to develop, and freedom of religion continued to spread. In 1681, William Penn, who was converted to the ‘Sect of Friends’ or ‘Quakers’ (see Christian History of Britain) as a young man, received a land grant from King Charles II, consisting of all the land between Maryland and New York. The area was named Pennsylvania after its founder. In his famous ‘Frame of Government’ he writes, “that all persons…having children… shall cause such to be instructed in reading and writing, so that they may be able to read the Scriptures…” His emphasis on Christians working together in love was demonstrated in his founding of the city of Philadelphia, “The City of Brotherly Love”. To the Quaker, religion consisted not of a Sunday ceremonial ritual, but as the daily basis and inspiration for life.
Painting - Signing of the Declaration of Independence (July 1776)Signing of the Declaration of Independence (July 1776) However, in the 1700s colonists started to deeply realise their desire to have an independent nation. These men had come so far, physically as well as mentally, that they weren’t about to compromise. The result was the American War of Independence. In 1776, American revolutionary leader Patrick Henry stated: "It cannot be emphasised too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” On 4th of July, 1776, the Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence, which stated America’s separation from England. A few years later in 1783, the Treaty of Paris was signed, and The United States of America was, for the first time, declared her own free nation: “ONE NATION UNDER GOD.”
This fulfilled the prophecy to Joseph in GENESIS 48:19 that his son Manasseh would become a great people, inheriting the “desolate heritages” (ISAIAH 49:8).
The first president of the United States was George Washington, a godly man who had been saved miraculously during the battle of Monongahela. He was given a vision of the future from the Lord for this great nation.

Revivals and American Evangelists

Back in the early 1700's church leaders feared that many colonists’ dedication to their religion was declining and that the religious commitment of previous generations had been lost. It was because of this concern that a few men sought God even more. Jonathan Edwards and British minister, George Whitefield, were two of the most important leaders of the Great Awakening.
What historians call "the first Great Awakening" can best be described as a revitalisation of religious piety that swept through the American colonies between the 1730's and the 1770's. The earliest manifestations of the American phase of this phenomenon appeared amongst Presbyterians in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Religious enthusiasm quickly spread from the Presbyterians of the Middle Colonies to the Congregationalists (Puritans) and Baptists of New England. By the 1740's, the clergymen of these churches were conducting revivals throughout that region.
Painting - Jonathan EdwardsIn emotionally charged sermons, preachers like Jonathan Edwards, evoked vivid, terrifying images of the utter corruption of human nature and the terrors awaiting the unrepentant soul in hell. For instance; Edwards' famous description of the sinner as a loathsome spider suspended by a slender thread over a pit of seething brimstone in his best known sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.”
Approximately a hundred years later, in the early 1800’s, Americans experienced the Second Great Awakening. One of the most influential leaders at this time was Charles G. Finney. Finney would hold meetings that would last for days, persuading people that they were responsible for their own salvation. Although many old time Protestants disagreed with these new ideas of Finney’s, this awakening crossed America like a wildfire and thousands of souls were saved.
In July of 1865 in London, England, William Booth founded the Salvation Army. A few years later, in October of 1879, Lieutenant Eliza Shirley of the Salvation Army left England to join her parents who had migrated to America earlier in search of work. She held meetings that were so successful that in March of 1880 General William Booth sent Commissioner George Scott Railton and seven women officers to the United States to formalise the effort. Their initial street meeting was held on the dockside at Battery Park in New York City. In only three years, operations had expanded into California, Connecticut, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.
On the 1st of January 1901, one of the greatest revivals started at a Bible college in Topeka, Kansas, where the outpouring of the Holy Spirit started, as described in ACTS chapter 2. This revival soon spread and sparked off perhaps one of the most amazing revivals in American history, the Azusa Street Revival, which started in an old building in the industrial part of the city of Los Angeles, California. Many people traveled from all over the world and were baptised in the Holy Spirit, and then were happy to take this fire back to their own lands.
Many more preachers such as Maria Woodworth-Etter, Aimee Semple McPherson, and William Branham could be mentioned, but perhaps one of the more famous of the ‘healing evangelists’ was Kathryn Kuhlman. Her vivid sermons captured millions as she preached throughout the U.S. during the 1930’s. Although her first sermon was in a dirty pool hall, Kathryn’s name became well known. She gave up her entire life for Christ and was willing to even sleep in empty poultry barns while she traveled, holding large tent meetings. Through her ministry, millions of souls were both converted and healed during a time when disease inhabited the land.

The Corruption of the United States Today

To bring the United States out of its corruption there must be two reversals. The first and most obvious one must occur in our national public stance toward God. On June 25, 1962, the Supreme Court ruled to remove school prayer and therefore prohibited students from praying these simple lines: "Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence upon Thee and beg Thy blessing upon us, our parents, our teachers, and our Country." As a result of the Supreme Court's current ban on the acknowledgment of God, prayer in schools and the use of His principles in public, which can be seen as a direct challenge to Him, our nation has been subjected to severe consequences such as a huge increase in teenage pregnancies, divorce rates and violent crime.

Graph - PREGNANCIES TO UNWED GIRLS Under 15-19 Years of AgePREGNANCIES TO UNWED GIRLS Under 15-19 Years of Age Graph - DIVORCE RATESDIVORCE RATES Graph - VIOLENT CRIME: Number of OffencesVIOLENT CRIME: Number of Offences

The second reversal must centre on the restoration of the personal benefits derived from living by Godly principles. For example, when the Court ruled that students might not use the Ten Commandments, nor study the Scriptures, nor learn about sexual abstinence, etc., the separation of these teachings caused personal, individual harm to those students, as forewarned in DEUTERONOMY 6:24. For example, the rate of youth suicide remained relatively unchanged during the years from 1946 to the School Prayer decision in 1962. But in the years since, suicides among teenagers and young adults have increased 253%, or an average of 10.5% per year.
In the decades immediately preceding the Court rulings (the 1920s to 1950's), Christians en masse had voluntarily removed themselves from the political, social, and legal arenas. Whenever the Godly depart from any arena, their own godly values depart with them. A person in office always legislates according to his own personal beliefs and convictions, and herein is the wisdom of PROVERBS 29:2 made evident: "When the righteous rule, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan."
We must regain the conviction that Biblical principles are vital to national success, and we must be willing to pursue their reinstatement. In recent decades, we have wrongly allowed the very principles, which produced morality and virtue, and thus national stability, to be restricted in public life. We need once again to recognize the truth so well understood by George Washington that:
“The propitious [favorable] smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained.”
We must become convinced of the principle expressed by Abraham Lincoln and then accept the civic responsibilities implied by his statement that:
"…it is the duty of nations as well as of men to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God, to confess their sins and transgressions in humble sorrow yet with assured hope that genuine repentance will lead to mercy and pardon, and to recognise the sublime truth, announced in the Holy Scriptures and proven by all history: that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord..."
“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” (2 CHRONICLES 7:14).